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CTS People provides a global remedy for skills shortages leveraging international and domestic talent pools, we connect Australian businesses with high calibre professionals worldwide, ensuring qualified, experienced and sustainable workforce solutions.


Our in-house registered immigration managers offer expert guidance in visa processes, skills assessments, and sponsorship procedures, ensuring seamless integration of your workforce with Australian regulatory standards.


Our consultants have local real estate backgrounds, mitigating housing challenges for new hires through bespoke relocation services. They ensure a smooth transition for employees, helping them seamlessly integrate into the Australian setting.

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Enjoy End-to-End Support and a Free, No-Obligation Consultation to Explore Tailored Staffing and Immigration Solutions for Your Enterprise.

All-In-One Services Combining Three Key Areas: immigration, recruitment and destination

CTS People is at the forefront of addressing today’s critical employment challenges. We specialise in bridging skill gaps, particularly in high-demand areas like Heavy Diesel Mechanics, Auto Electricians, Tyre Fitters, Drivers, and OEM Experts. Our expertise in navigating complex immigration processes ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience, minimising delays and legal complications. Additionally, we actively address Australia’s significant housing shortage, ensuring that new employees find suitable accommodations. With our comprehensive approach, we simplify and resolve these key challenges, facilitating successful and efficient workforce integration in Mining, Transportation, and Logistics sectors.


In the fast-paced world of mining and transportation, staying ahead of your competitors is essential for success.

Firms that act quickly in hiring internationally skilled workers gain a significant competitive advantage in terms of productivity, innovation, and market penetration.

What People Are Saying

"CTS People's international recruitment expertise has been a game-changer for our transportation projects, bringing in top-notch talent seamlessly."

Emma Williams

"The immigration team at CTS People was outstanding. Their knowledge of Australian visa processes ensured a smooth transition for our overseas hires."

Liam Johnson

"Our experience with CTS People's Destination Consultants was remarkable. Their real estate background provided unique insights into housing solutions for our employees."

Sophia Martinez

"Partnering with CTS People revolutionized our staffing strategy. Their national and international recruitment expertise brought unparalleled value to our operations."

Noah Smith

"CTS People’s depth of knowledge in the mining sector ensured we got highly skilled professionals perfectly fitting our requirements."

Isabella Garcia